Water Well Services in Opelousas, LA

Water Well Services

Your well and pump system aren’t something to be left to the hands of an inexperienced individual. Instead, when the time comes for service or you’re seeking to resolve a well operation issue, trust the professionals at M E Amy Drilling Co. With years of experience and seasoned expertise, we’re on hand to deliver the full gamut of water well services to you.

Water well drilling and well repair

As a premier expert on commercial, agricultural and municipal water wells, we’re the first and best choice when it comes to drilling these installations and repairing them once they’re set in place. We understand all of the dynamics that play into something as comprehensive as irrigation well drilling in Opelousas, St Landry Parish, and Lafayette, LA, as we know our way around existing commercial and municipal systems to provide thorough repairs when things go awry. Give us a call today if you require service and we’ll show you why consistently at the top of our industry for water well drilling and well repair.

Encompassing service

In addition to these broad services, we also provide an array of specialty water well services, designed to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the ongoing function of your well or the safe decommission of it (in accordance with EPA standards):

  • Well sealing: To protect your well from external contaminates that might infect the water or damage the pump system, we can seal your well. We offer a number of capping and sealing services designed around your concerns.
  • Well inspection: Need your well inspected to ensure the water quality is safe and usable? Want to make sure your pump system is in full working order? Give us a call for a full and complete well inspection!
  • Well abandonment: If your well needs to be decommissioned, make sure it’s being abandoned in accordance with EPA standards. Our experts will come and properly seal your well, to help you avoid paying a penalty in the future or worse, damaging your surrounding environment.
  • Well pump repair: Has your pump lost pressure? Are you dealing with intermittent pumping power? We’re the well repair experts at diagnosing problems with your pumps in LA and can recommend solutions that are encompassing and lasting.

To give yourself the complete peace of mind that comes with a fully functioning water well, waste no time in calling M E Amy Drilling Co. We’re here to provide you with a full range of water well drilling and other water well services that tout our focus on customer peace of mind. Give us a call today at 337-543-2327.

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Corrosion is bad, especially in municipal wells.
It can cause contamination of the well